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Our Services

Finch Media, a PR agency based in Vancouver and Toronto, is a full-service PR and Communications Agency with expertise across Canada and the United States. We help our clients develop and share their most compelling stories in order to make real connections and drive results.

Whatever your business or branding needs, we’re here to help!

PR and Communications Agency: Services Across North America

Communications and Marketing Strategy

We take a deep-dive into what you do, and then craft a holistic and informed strategy that effectively aligns with your vision and reaches your target audiences effectively and efficiently. We work with you to evaluate the competitive landscape and create a plan that sets you apart. We ensure you are reaching the right audiences by engaging them in a variety of ways with a compelling story.

Health Communications

We have decades of experience in the health communication space and have launched a new division that specializes in reaching consumers and physicians with health-related communications. If you’re looking for support and expertise in delivering exceptional health communications, you’ve come to the right place.

Thought Leadership

Stand out in your industry with an effective awards & communications strategy to position your company as a thought-leader. Reach your stakeholders and show your organization’s leadership through an award and communications strategy.

Media and Influencer Relations

In the ever-changing media environment that we inhabit today, it’s important for organizations to have meaningful relationships with news outlets, journalists, influencers, and media personalities. We create strategic media relations initiatives that tie to your business strategy and boost awareness in both the press and with your target audience.

Social Activations

The most important stories are the ones your stakeholders tell about your brand. Social media channels are accessible, instantaneous, and modern, and are now a staple in the ever-evolving digitalized world of public relations. We can help you transform your followers from voyeurs, into participants, and ultimately into brand evangelists, effectively communicating your brand to your target audience.

Media Training

Get ahead of the competition with our professional Media Training where we provide you with essential knowledge and knowhow, to give you the confidence you need to effectively get your message out there. Our Media Training will help you to easily navigate through interviews, ensuring that you’re always in control of the conversation and you’re delivering key points across effectively.

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

When it comes to crisis communications, we understand how stressful and potentially reputationally damaging a crisis can be to an organization. Through our years of experience leading organizations through unforeseen critical situations across many industries, we have honed our skills to guide you every step of the way with our dynamic approach to crisis and issues management.

Content Creation and Copywriting

Stand out with exceptional, engaging content. We pride ourselves on executing excellent campaigns and our many years of story-telling expertise as a Vancouver PR agency mean that all your key public relations and media relations communications will be strategic, engaging, and consistent. A strong cadence of communication can help your organization stay top-of-mind and add value for your audiences. Our content creation and copywriting services are second to none and tailored to meet your organization’s precise needs.

Corporate, Internal, and Change Management Communications

We have a wealth of experience generating engaging corporate and internal communication programs, both as one-offs and as part of larger communication plans. Keeping stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors, and staff up-to-date about company news, employee success stories, and/or internal changes is paramount to keeping your people inspired, motivated, and engaged. This could include speaking engagements, quarterly releases, thought leadership pieces, newsletters and internal communications vehicles. We also recognize that stakeholders make the best brand ambassadors.


PR and Communications Agency Services

To get a better idea of our PR and Communications agency services, check out our blog to see real-life examples of the work we do.

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Why Choose Finch Media for your PR and Communication Services?

Finch Media, PR Agency is a full-service PR and Communications Agency and:

– We offer a strategic and practical approach

– We collaborate with our clients – no silos allowed

– We know efficiency is key to getting results

– We keep overheads low to make the most of your budget

– We believe relationships matter

Our Clients in the Media



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