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Classic Public Relations Services

With Traditional Public Relations Services, Old School Is Best, Because It’s Effective.

A PR Firm that is Truly Invested in You and Your Brand

At Finch Media PR firm, we begin by fostering a genuine connection with you and developing a deep understanding of your brand. We take a deep-dive into what you do, and then craft a holistic and informed story of your brand that effectively aligns with your vision and upholds your values. 

Using the Right Public Relations & Media Relations Tools

Once we have a clearly defined brand story to tell, we work with you to evaluate the competitive landscape and create a value proposition that sets you apart. Then we ensure you are reaching the right audiences by engaging with them in a variety of ways.


While the media landscape keeps evolving, getting your message to the right audiences hasn’t. Media relations can be an important component of a PR plan. By identifying opportunities and pitching news, story ideas and opinion pieces to media, we can help position your business as a thought leader. This leads to increased awareness, more traffic to your website, and a heightened reputation for your brand.
As a reliable PR firm, Finch Media keeps a close eye on trends in the media, including: print, TV, and radio. These insights inspire the bespoke campaigns we develop around your brand and your story.


Tapping into the influential power of social media with help from a seasoned PR agency is a perfect place to build your brand’s community. The social media channel is accessible, instantaneous, and modern, which is now a staple in public relations in the ever-changing digitalized world that can modernize and communicate your brand.


At Finch Media, we’ll help you cut through the noise and get your message noticed by connecting you with the best influencers in your industry. We’re able to assist you in creating the most effective content by developing quality campaigns that are authentic to your brand,  which in turn, equals instant credibility and drive results.
We have strong relationships with influencers of all types (including cats and dogs) and by partnering you with the right ones to showcase your message, you can have a big impact.


At Finch Media PR Agency, we know that employees make the best brand ambassadors. We also recognize that internal audiences are just as important as external ones.
Fortunately, we have experience in generating engaging internal communication campaigns, both as one-offs and as part of larger communication plans. Keeping staff up-to-date about company news, employee success stories or internal changes is paramount to keeping your people inspired and motivated.

A Holistic, Comprehensive Public Relations Plan

Finch Media can create and deliver the public relations plan you need to achieve your business goals. We do this by creating a holistic plan of action for your brand story. Every communication your brand makes should align with your overall business objectives. Once we’re onboarded and understand your company’s vision, we translate it into a comprehensive, holistic public relations plan.  This process includes:

— Speaking with key stakeholders to gain brand insights.
— Benchmarking against similar organizations.
— Implementing public relations & media relations best practices.

Finch Media PR agency is driven to take your business to the next level through a solid communications roll-out.  Our many years of story-telling expertise as a Vancouver PR firm mean that all your key public relations and media relations communications will be strategic, engaging and consistent to help your business soar to new heights.