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Influencer Relations Services

At Finch Media, we know influencer marketing and understand that you have to consider the influencers you work with carefully. That’s why, as an influencer marketing agency, we make sure to align our clients with authentic and genuine influencers, who are results-oriented and can bring more than just a large following to the table.

Seth Godin wisely said, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” and we, at Finch Media, believe this to be true. To successfully guide our clients, we remain at the forefront of the influencer marketing field, learning new tactics to maximize engagement as they come to the fore. Below we have detailed our Influencer Marketing Agency services and tips!

Let’s Explore the Different Types of Influencer Marketing

Brand Collaborations

This includes designing and developing capsule campaigns, sponsored posts, and building connections with harmonious groups. It’s also important that brands understand what influencers look for in brand partnerships, it isn’t all about the remuneration.


Micro-influencers have built their own following through brand partnerships, paid product placement and collaborations. Working with micro-influencers offers an impact on targeted, niche audiences that are highly engaged. It’s a rapidly growing realm of influencer marketing.

Influencer Programs

Finch Media provides an end-to-end education in Influencer Marketing. We offer recommendations, tons of experience in both paid and unpaid influencers, and ensure you’re sent on your way with a strong foundation on what makes a solid brand evangelist.

Let our work speak for itself, check out our client stories.

Our Influencer Marketing Agency Services:

— Campaign design, development, and execution
— Key messaging development
— Securing compelling and committed influencers
— Dealing with contract negotiations and payment 
— Management of multiple influencer campaigns
— Reach and impression reporting

Finch Media Influencer Marketing Agency already has a long list of influencers across North America and can easily create a social influencer campaign based on your needs, which includes some or all of the following:

Instagram influencers: Instagram influencers will promote your products or services to their audience after testing them out and may also set up competitions with their followers.

Facebook Business Influencers: Facebook influencers can leave reviews and share posts with their followers, helping your brand to connect authentically with people and reach new audiences. 

Twitter Influencers: Twitter is the epicenter of conversations, so combined with influencer endorsements, shares, and reviews your messages can spread like wildfire. 

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Finch Media’s Top Tips For Influencer Marketing:

1. Be choosy about who you work with

Influencers should have a style and tone of voice that sits well with your brand and their audiences should be made up of the types of people who regularly purchase your products or services. Ensuring all your Influencer Marketing investments are valuable. 

2. Selling isn’t the be-all and end-all

But, yes, ultimately selling your product or service is the main objective of Influencer Marketing. However, it’s also important to build a relationship with your customers and showcase your offerings. This results in greater brand exposure and customer loyalty.