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Issues & Crisis Management

Be Prepared with a Strong Crisis Plan.

Finch Media Works With Your Team to Create a Reliable Crisis Communications & Management Plan.

At Finch Media, we understand how stressful and potentially damaging an unforeseen issue or crisis can be to an organization. Through years of experience working on issues, product recalls, and crises across many industries including consumer packaged goods and healthcare, coupled with a dynamic approach to crisis management, we have honed our skills to guide you every step of the way.

We’ll work with you to ensure your circumstances and crisis communications are handled with care. The response to an issue can be as important as the issue itself.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely stated, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail“. Finch Media can provide its marketing and PR expertise to help you formulate a strategic basis for your crisis communications that ensures the response message is timely, effective, and authentic.


Finch Media will start with your Crisis Communications Plan and we’ll draft out core issue scenarios.
Each situation will follow a crisis management response plan which includes recommendations on:

— Crisis communication channels
— Choosing spokespeople
— Communications messaging

During the process, we’ll provide guidance on the scenarios worthy of commentary as well as the scenarios to avoid.
Furthermore, we can take a ‘big picture’ look at both your internal and external communication procedures to ensure consistency. 


At Finch Media, we have the know-how and experience to seamlessly manage your crisis communications from beginning to end. So whether you’re planning in advance of a crisis or you’re currently in the midst of a dilemma, get in touch today.

Our Crisis Management Services Include: 

— Formulation of strategic responses
— Access to real expert knowledge
— Media training for spokespeople
— Coaching and Guidance for interviews
— Real-time media monitoring in print and online
— Internal communication support
— Crisis communications collateral for all stakeholder groups
— Management of requests for interviews and other media

Finch Media’s Two Top Tips For Crisis Management Communications:

First, it’s important to ready your team. Whatever and whenever the issue or crisis arises, your team needs to be ready to react accordingly. 

Second, document a step-by-step plan of action for core scenario communications. Craft templates that can be edited depending on the situation to ensure a timely response.