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The Ask of our Public Relations Firm

The Vancouver School Board asked Finch Media, public relations firm to help them spread the word and increase registrations for their summer school, online school, and adult education programs.

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Finch Media has worked with the Vancouver School Board (VSB) over several years helping to increase its marketing and advertising impact and promoting their online education and summer school programs.

Our projects with VSB have included:

◦ Conducting a market research campaign to ascertain student satisfaction with the annual summer school program

◦ On-going execution of three separate marketing and communications plans

◦ Social media, radio, transit and print ads, in order to increase enrolment in VSB programs

◦ Marketing material creation including graphic design, ad copy, digital media ad creation and media relations materials

◦ Interviews with current and former students in the Adult Education program in order to craft stories of their experience.

◦ Crafting stories for the VSB Adult Education website and social media accounts to drive awareness and engagement.