Headline Roundup – Public Relations in the News for August 2023

Aug 07, 2023

Public relations, advertising, and influencer marketing made global headlines this month as Barbie took over the public consciousness, creators created profits or chaos, and Ontario breweries banded together, because sometimes marketing is a group activity. I’m making a conscious decision not to include Twitter’s bumpy rebrand to X, because I think we’re all sick of talking about it.

A mother’s vow to find a Dallas Mavericks Barbie leads to a worldwide chase

Barbiemania has taken over the universe, even crossing into the sports realm. ESPN covered a moving story about a mother trying to find the illusive Dallas Mavericks Barbie for her daughter. In 1999, Mattel and the NBA teamed-up in a genius move to appeal more to younger, female audiences, making a Barbie for each team. However, the Dallas Mavericks Barbie was almost impossible to find until ESPN took on the case.

How Pinkydoll’s eccentric livestreams went mainstream

Both CBC’s Commotion and The New York Times recently profiled Montreal-based TikTok livestreamer and NPC streamer Pinky Doll and how her popularity has spread from TikTok to X (née Twitter) and monetized her craft.

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat charge with inciting a riot after chaotic giveaway in Union Square

Oops. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, including giveaways on Twitch. Many media outlets including The Verge covered the chaotic giveaway that happened when a Twitch steamer announced he was giving away PS5s in Union Square. I have no idea if PlayStation was in anyway involved but I’m sure their PR team was busy writing reactive messaging all weekend.

Guelph’s brewers combine forces to attract beer tourists in bid to rebound from pandemic

Five breweries in Guelph have collaborated to offer a free bus tour to support the local breweries of various sizes and to brand the Ontario-city as a beer destination.