Headline Roundup – Public Relations in the News for November

Nov 19, 2023

The theme of this month’s headline round-up is real-time marketing. Real-time marketing is marketing that’s executed in a quick and reactive fashion around current events and conversations as they unfold. It is notoriously hard to execute on because it can be resource intensive and because of the speed of responses can result in missteps. However, the rewards of getting it right can make it worth it. With November encompassing American Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, much of the current marketing efforts center around these events, creating a noisy time for marketers. The bottle company, Stanley, was able to break through the noise with a speedy and savvy TikTok video in response to a customer’s viral video of their cup escaping undamaged from their car that caught fire. Another quick-thinking marketing stunt was done to promote Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone’s show The Curse.

A woman who went viral on TikTok after saying the ice in her insulated Stanley cup survived a car fire is being offered a new car by the bottle brand

Stanley, the popular bottle brand with Gen-Z, received major online traction and love after a customer posted a TikTok showing her Stanley cup escaping unharmed and still holding ice in it after her car caught fire. The company shared a reaction video stitch saying that they were glad she was okay and offering to replace her Stanley mug and her car.

Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder Parody Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s ‘Anyone But You’ Intro in New ‘The Curse’ Promo

The Curse trailer promo went viral after Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone did a perfect parody of the Anyone but You promo. The video was very on-brand for Fielder, who has a business degree, and everyone involved seemed to have a great sense of humour about the stunt, with multiple statements being released. Both productions likely benefitted from the viral attention.