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Internal Communications

Employees make the best brand ambassadors

Finch Media Works With Your Team to Transform and Enhance Your Internal Communications.

As an award-winning PR firm in Vancouver, our team of public relations professionals are able to help your company soar to new heights and guide you to achieve your public relations and marketing goals. We also understand that the messages organizations communicate on the inside are just as important as those on the outside. That’s why we’re here to help you succeed at communicating with your biggest asset, your people.

We have a wealth of experience generating corporate communications for both one-off campaigns as well as large internal communication plans. Let us guide you in effectively keeping your staff up to date with company news, employee successes, internal changes, crisis communications and more. It is paramount for organizations to remain transparent as it helps to keep employees inspired and motivated.

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It’s quite simple – when employees are informed and engaged, organizations perform better. But with all the noise employees are bombarded with in today’s digital world, how can you ensure your corporate communications standout? That’s where Finch Media can help.

To ensure you’re staying ahead of the curve, we provide the following internal communications services:

Internal communications assessment and planning

We’ll conduct a communication audit to determine the performance of your current internal communications program and provide recommendations for improvement. We’ll then help you create a plan of action to correlate communications activities to business goals and employee experience. We’ll also assist with any change management needs.

Preparation and support during change

We’ll work with you and your team to develop effective change management internal communications to help your employees transition through various changes with ease. Whether you’re navigating a merger, acquisition or adoption of new technology, our team will support you in achieving successful corporate communications. 

Strategies to engage employees

We’ll assess your current level of employee engagement and assist in identifying opportunities to cultivate greater employee engagement through thoughtful internal communications. Employee engagement has the benefits of enhanced performance, cooperation, and advocacy. 

We’ll support you in establishing a strategic grounding for your corporate communications – so your messages are consistent, connected and captivating.

Let our work speak for itself, check out our client stories.


Good communication flows both ways

We all know it’s important to give feedback to your employees, but it is also equally important, if not more important, to encourage your team to give feedback to your business. Internal communication isn’t a one-way street. In order to facilitate this, you need to create an open and trustworthy culture within your organization that encourages the conversation to flow both ways. 

– Improve your non-verbal communication

You may not be aware of how you come across, your stance might be intimidating, your fidgeting a sign of a lack of confidence. Most of what you say is conveyed by physical cues. So, improving your posture, maintaining eye contact and adjusting the intonations of your voice can improve your communication with your team immensely.

Consistent communication is key

In busy work environments, communication can sometimes fall off everyone’s list of priorities. However, communication should be a part of your daily or weekly routine (15-minute huddles, monthly or quarterly all-company meetings, monthly newsletters, etc). People want detailed, real-time updates and as a result, your employees will be more engaged with projects, challenges, and successes.

Socializing helps build connections 

It’s important for employees to have the chance to connect with one another, whether virtually or in-person. Employers can encourage and/or organize company events – whether that’s after-work drinks, a holiday party or simply a virtual or in-person lunch break. It also gives employees something to look forward to, which can help to improve employee engagement.

Check Out Our Corporate Social Media Case Study on CEO of Maple Leaf Foods.

Finch Media wants to help you achieve your business goals by working with you to create a comprehensive internal communications plan. Every organization’s internal communication plan should align with its overall business objectives and once we’re clear on your company’s vision, we can translate this into a holistic, consistent corporate communications plan. 

Let us help you drive success and take your business to the next level with great internal communication!


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