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Media Training

Build Confidence and Deliver Messages Effectively

Finch Media is an award-winning PR firm based in Vancouver and with our help, we promise your company will soar to new heights as we help you build a solid foundation that guarantees your brand messaging is successfully communicated.

Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, gearing up for a filmed interview, or trying to effectively deliver your message to the press, we understand that it can be challenging.

Get in touch today to see how you can successfully deliver your message to the press and enhance your overall media relations.

Media Coaching with Finch Media

Take advantage of our professional Media Training where we will provide you with indispensable knowledge and knowhow, to give you the confidence you need to share your communications effectively. Our aim is to help you navigate through interviews with journalists, ensuring your key messages are communicated and that you’re always in control of the conversation. 

Our Media Coaching will teach you techniques for everything from negating loaded questions, to anticipating journalists’ skepticism and more. You’ll learn how to turn negative inquires into positive answers, how to handle reporters who interrupt or take statements out of context, and generally how to prepare for media encounters including how best to deliver tough announcements and challenging updates.

Depending on the number of spokespeople involved, Finch Media’s Media Coaching is available as a half-day or full-day session. Along with the Media Training session, you’ll be provided with helpful documentation you’ll be able to refer back to. Would you like to learn more about our Media Training services? Get in touch today to learn more about Media Training!

Let our work speak for itself, check out our client stories. 

What’s Included in Our Media Coaching?

The problem with being interviewed by the press, without adequate Media Training, is that you can end up looking petrified and uncomfortable, you feel nervous, your answers can be clumsy and your quotes end up being off-message. This ultimately harms your reputation. By utilizing Finch Media and investing in Media Training, you’ll learn:

— Exercises in how to develop your key messages
— Feedback and critique of on-camera drills 
— Best practices for interviews 
— An exploration of the media landscape 
— Teachings for anticipating reporter behaviour
— Support post-training session

Essentially, you’ll learn how to tell your story, generate interest, defuse issues, and get your message across clearly. 

Finch Media’s Top Tips For Media Training

Confidence is key. If there is one pearl of wisdom Finch Media can impart with you, it’s that confidence is everything. If your spokesperson is able to carry themselves confidently throughout interviews it truly has the power to enhance a brand’s reputation and also, ultimately, increases that person’s reliability and integrity as a key player in the industry. 

Get in touch to see how our Media Training can help your business today!

Sprinkle your message with media-friendly sound bites. This ensures that no matter how your interview is subsequently edited and tweaked, by journalists, networks, bloggers, etc, you are ensuring that you’re getting the exact quotes you want to be broadcast to your audience. Make this a reality by utilizing our Media Training methods and techniques! 

Contact us for an introductory, no-obligation meeting to discuss your PR business objectives. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have regarding Finch Media.