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Finch Public Relations and Communications works with organizations across multiple sectors and industries to position them as thought-leaders and experts in their respective fields. Building on decades of diverse experience in PR and strategic Communications – ranging from education to entertainment, automotive to consumer-packaged goods – our team is uniquely positioned to help clients identify, develop and share their most compelling stories. The Finch approach is also deeper than just storytelling. We build custom plans to help you understand, meet and exceed the demands of every audience group. Finch is an agency partner you can trust to make real connections, drive measurable results, and have a long-lasting impact. We also operate Finch Health Communications, a specialty division that serves the unique and specialized needs of clients in health, biotech and the life sciences.

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Finch Media Services

The Finch approach is also deeper than just storytelling. We build custom plans to help you understand, meet and exceed the demands of every audience group on your radar.

  • Public Relations and Marketing Strategy

    When supporting organizations with their public relations and marketing strategies, we take a deep-dive into what you do, and then craft a holistic and informed marketing, communications, and public relations strategy that effectively aligns with your vision and reaches your target audiences effectively and efficiently. The Finch approach is also deeper than just storytelling.

    We build custom plans to help you understand, meet and exceed the demands of every audience group. We work with you to evaluate the competitive landscape and develop a plan that includes the appropriate tactics to set you apart. We ensure you are reaching the right audiences by engaging them in a variety of ways with a compelling story.

  • Custom Content Creation

    Content is king. With the ever-changing, fast pace of content consumption these days, high-quality, engaging writing is more important than ever for engaging with your audience. From time sensitive to evergreen content, we’ve got you covered.

    With a team of writers and former journalists, we specialize in creating customized, well-researched, written pieces to help achieve your communications goals, including speeches, press releases, blogs, articles, fact sheets, newsletters, website content, brochures, op-eds, listicles, scripts, and more.

  • Executive Communications and Thought Leadership

    We know that effective executive communication does more than just deliver messages. It helps elevate business and sector leaders to the next level of visibility, vision, and respect in their industry and community. It also helps executives gain influence as trusted sources of information.

    Thought leadership ensures that executives are bringing new and engaging ideas to the right audiences and helps enhance the way these audiences perceive an organization. Thought leadership involves creating and executing a strategy around media relations, panels, speaking engagements, op-eds, and awards.

  • Crisis Planning and Management

    When it comes to crisis communications, we understand how stressful and potentially reputation damaging a crisis can be to an organization. Having a well prepared issues management and crisis plan in place is critical, so that organizations can act quickly and decisively when the unexpected occurs.

    Through our years of experience leading organizations through unforeseen critical situations across many industries, we have honed our skills to guide you every step of the way with our dynamic approach to crisis and issues management. We can support organizations with the identifying of potential issues, environmental monitoring and the creation and execution of a crisis plan.

  • Media and Influencer Relations

    A good media or influencer relations strategy can enhance and complement a public relations strategy by ensuring your message is amplified and heard by your audience. It also provides valuable third party credibility to your organization.

    Effective media relations involves a well-researched media or influencer list, a well-crafted pitch and timely media and influencer outreach. It also involves having well-trained spokespeople who can effectively deliver the organization’s key messages.

  • Media Training and Coaching

    As part of an effective media relations strategy, it’s important that your key spokespeople are also media trained and ready and confident to deliver key messages to the media and stakeholders. Our professional Media Training and Coaching provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to help you confidently communicate your unique communication priorities.

    As former journalists and company spokespeople, our media coaches will help you to easily navigate through interviews, ensuring that you’re always in control of the conversation and you’re delivering key points effectively. A media training session involves reviewing theory, techniques by medium, and practice sessions with assessment reports. Attendees leave the sessions feeling prepared to give successful interviews with any media type.

  • Internal Communications

    In regards to any public relations strategy, we know that employees make the best brand ambassadors. We also recognize that internal audiences are just as important as external ones, if not more so. Fortunately, we have experience in generating engaging internal communication campaigns, both as one-offs and as part of larger communication plans.

    We also have experience working with change management teams and human resource partners to create tools and deliver key messages to internal stakeholders, as well as keep staff up-to-date about company news and employee success stories.

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Every story is unique. Finch’s public relations and communications experts will work to understand your organization’s goals, vision, and values. We will curate and execute a customized campaign that makes real connections, drives results, and has a lasting impact.

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